Dewatering machine

Dewatering screw press is used for efficient thickening and dewatering of sludge waters. Sludge waters are water, containing certain amount of suspended solids, these can be product of waste water treatment, food proccessing industry, chemical industry and other branches of human activity. Our dewatering screw press, which serves to thicken sludge water to 20% dry-matter content on municipal sludges and more for mineral/industrial sludges, can provide efficient desludging. In terms of quality, this equipment surpasses traditional sedimentation sludge removal and other technologies.

This dewatering/thickening screw press has been designed to be used primarily in wastewater treatment plants, but can also be used for thickening both industrial water and wastewater in food-processing operations.

If a dewatering press is already incorporated into the new WWTP design, costs related to te construction of sedimentation tanks are eliminated as this equipment can also be used for thickening secondary sludge directly from activation.


 MG 0522

Benefits of the screw press:

  • low energy use
  • simple installation and operation
  • 0.5-2% sludge at inlet, 15-20% sludge at outlet
  • low noise and vibration levels
  • wide use applications
  • automated mode
  • affordable spare parts
  • low transport weight
  • economical operation also for smaller WWTP (already from 500 equivalent)
  • high quality workmanship, manufactured in the Czech Republic

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Tool for selecting the appropriate machine size for your applications is here

We can also provide different polymer preparation stations - more information .

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