About us

The trading and manufacturing company MIVALT s.r.o. both continues and further develops the entrepreneurial activities of Ing. Petr Mívalt. Ing. Petr Mívalt – the Managing Director – has been working on the domestic, European and international markets since 1998. He is a consultant on both technical problems as well as issues concerning international trade and is a subcontractor for a number of companies active within the wastewater treatment plant market.

The company's main products are mechanical devices for the flow and control of air and water, pressure generating equipment, flow equipment for liquid and gaseous media (such as pumps and oil-free compressors), control accessories (solenoid valves, control units, pressure switches), machinery and accessories for the processing and treatment of sludge and many other products.

MIVALT s.r.o. works closely with a number of domestic and foreign suppliers. Thanks to personal visits to suppliers, constant screening of production, cooperation on innovation and deepening our relationships with our suppliers, our company guarantees a favourable ratio of quality products and prices and offers adaptability in meeting the specific requirements of its customers.

Of course there is also both in-warranty and post-warranty product servicing and regular maintenance of complex equipment.


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