Screw flights manufacturing

Discover the future of screw shaft production with us!

Our unique approach sets us apart from conventional manufacturing processes and guarantees unrivaled dimensional accuracy and geometric tolerances. Using modern technology, we manufacture screw flights with exceptional precision that exceeds industry standards.

In addition to the precision itself, which makes the job easier for welders, our approach also reduces your post-machining costs (which in most cases can be completely avoided), we are also able to incorporate complex features such as cutouts, holes and bridges into the flights, offering a level of customization, which goes beyond normally produced parts.

Parts do not have damaged surface, which is usually side effect of standard forming procedures. This is particularly advantageous for food-industry operations or applications where smooth surface is important in order to minimize friction between the screw and conveyed material.

At MIVALT, we prioritize flexibility and handling orders starting from single units of pieces. We ensure fast production and delivery of high-quality products in a short time - all at a competitive price. Explore the possibilities with us and experience the difference that precision, innovation and flexibility can make.

Production possibilities:






Max. 900 mm

± 5 mm *

± 3 mm

Inner diameter Di

Min. 20 mm

± 1 mm *

± 0.5 mm

Outer diameter Do

Max. 720 mm

± 1 mm *

± 0.5 mm

Flight width W - (Do-Di)/2

Max. 250 mm




2 – 18 mm

± 0.1mm **

± 0.05mm

Helix orientation

Left-hand / right-hand



* For a uniform, sufficiently rigid segment

** According to the production tolerance of sheet used

Basic flight Conical inner diameter
Conical outer diameter Holes
Bridges Cutouts


We are able to form all common metal materials with ultimate tensile strength up to Rm=900 MPa, most commonly used:

  • Carbon steel (S235, S355)
  • Stainless steel (DIN 1.4301/AISI 304, DIN 1.4404/AISI316L, DIN1.4571/ AISI316Ti)
  • Aluminium alloys (AW-6082, AlMg3)
  • Wear-resistant materials (Hardox)
  • Other non-ferrous metals (copper, brass…)

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