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Air Mac

  • compressor AIRMAC is equipped with high-effi cient electromagnetic vibration motor
  • because there are no resistances in bearings and there is no friction, the compressor is signifi cantly cheaper to operate (lower power consumption) compared to compressors equipped with classic motors
  • magnetic anchor/shuttle is directly connected by membranes, which drives and at the same time it is ideally centered in magnetic fi eld of coils
  • this air blower / low pressure membrane compressor / membrane blower excels with its long life and trouble-free operation (our experiences confirm confirm three to six years without exchange membranes).


  • galvanic baths

  • oxidation / aeration in fi sh farming

  • suction pumps for laboratory equipment

  • home waste-water systems

Air Mac

Size calculator

Please input desired hydraulic flow and suspended solids content. Our calculator will suggest you optimum size of machine...

  • WT primary sludge - raw sludge from activation (ČOV – surový kal z aktivace): 0,5–1%
  • WWT secondary sludge - after final settling tank (ČOV – stabilizovaný, zahuštěný kal): 1,5–4 %
  • Sludge from DAF (Kal z flotace): 2–4 %
  • Biogas station sludges (Kaly z produkce bioplynu): 4–6 %
  • Grease traps, oil separation (Lapáky tuku, olejové aplikace): 4-6%
Material flow: 0 kg/h

Capacity of MP-DW  - dry material flow per hour :

MP-DW-131: 10 kg/h

MP-DW-201: 30 kg/h

MP-DW-301: 60 kg/h

MP-DW-302: 120 kg/h

MP-DW-401: 140 kg/h

MP-DW-402: 280 kg/h

MP-DW-403: 420 kg/h


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