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Roots Blowers are blowers with two specially shaped rotary pistons, or impellers. The parallel shafts and the special cycloidal shape of the impellers' cross-section (a figure of eight = "dog bone" shape, or with multiple protrusions) ensure that the impellers complement each other in any position.

The impellers are connected by a transmission which allows them to rotate in opposite directions within the oval-shaped body of the blower. Lengthwise, the impellers are either straight or slightly twisted into a helix, which ensures their smooth operation. Previously, the impellers were comprised of two lobes. Nowadays we only produce tri-lobe versions, which offer greater efficiency.

Whilst rotating, the volume of space enclosed between the impellers changes on a cyclical basis. This change (reduction) in volume is used to compress the working gas. In the part where the volume increases and the pressure decreases, the intake port opens, while in the part where the volume decreases and the pressure increases the outlet port opens.

We produce vertical Roots blowers with power outputs ranging from 20 m3/h to 2,000 m3/h.

The main advantage of a Roots blower is the achievement of output pressure even at low revolutions. This efficiency is primarily thanks to the precision manufacturing of the impellers and the distances between the impellers, both relative to each other and to the housing. The gear train ensures the synchronous, contactless operation of both impellers. The impellers therefore require no lubrication and the pumped fluid is not polluted by grease or abrasives. The blower principle allows the transportation not only of gases, but also liquids and bulk materials, such as cement and various granules, amongst other things.

Roots blowers are used to handle a high flow rate when a small pressure difference is called for. They are used in the transportation of gases, in ventilation, in the transportation of media, in aeration systems in waste water treatment, in the treatment of drinking water, in the transportation of aggressive gases, in industrial boilers, in the pneumatic conveyance of bulk materials and granules, in the food industry, in vacuum technology, in air sampling, in the creation of vacuums within enclosed spaces, in the extraction of contaminated vapours, etc.

The most widespread use of medium and large scale Roots blowers is in the treatment of wastewater, whereby blowers are employed to aerate sewage tanks. The air in the sludge water promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria, which in turn clean the water.

Various applications of Roots blowers:

  • aeration/oxydization of sewage water in biological waste water treatment
  • oxydization of water tanks in fish farming
  • oxydization of mineral water for eliminating amount of mangan and iron
  • pneumatic transportation
  • industrial extraction equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners
  • industrial furnace
  • vacuum suction cups for handling heavy, volume bodies
  • aerostatical bearings
  • air  knifes
  • air gates
  • washing sand filters
  • whirpool, jacuzzi...

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Size calculator

Please input desired hydraulic flow and suspended solids content. Our calculator will suggest you optimum size of machine...

  • WT primary sludge - raw sludge from activation (ČOV – surový kal z aktivace): 0,5–1%
  • WWT secondary sludge - after final settling tank (ČOV – stabilizovaný, zahuštěný kal): 1,5–4 %
  • Sludge from DAF (Kal z flotace): 2–4 %
  • Biogas station sludges (Kaly z produkce bioplynu): 4–6 %
  • Grease traps, oil separation (Lapáky tuku, olejové aplikace): 4-6%
Material flow: 0 kg/h

Capacity of MP-DW  - dry material flow per hour :

  • MP-DW-131: 10 kg/h
  • MP-DW-201: 30 kg/h
  • MP-DW-301: 60 kg/h
  • MP-DW-302: 120 kg/h
  • MP-DW-401: 140 kg/h
  • MP-DW-402: 280 kg/h
  • MP-DW-403: 420 kg/h

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