Side channel blowers

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RB 30, 40, 50, 60, 80

Side chanell blowers - serie RB.


Operating principle:

A side channel blower is a rotary machine for the compression and transport of air and other gases. It works on the principle of rotating a bladed impeller (turbine) fixed inside a casing, whereby air is sucked into working "pockets" between the blades and the casing and gradually radially accelerated and compressed, thus the rotating medium / air is expelled by centrifugal force after each revolution of the engine. The compression of the flow / rotating air takes place in a specially shaped compression chamber (i.e. a side channel – from which the blowers take their name).
Physical principle: kinetic energy resulting from the centrifugal force of the rotating impeller is transmitted to the pumped medium and generates its flow.
Such side channel blowers can be used for creating both vacuums and pressurized air. Two dampers installed on the suction and discharge sides ensure continuous and silent operation.

Examples of use:

  • aeration of tanks in fish farming
  • aeration of biological wastewater treatment plants
  • treatment of industrial and drinking water (demineralization)
  • industrial vacuum cleaners
  • hydro-massage pools
  • air bearings / air pillows
  • air knives
  • vacuum manipulators
  • exhaust flues

RB blowers parameters:

  • consumption 0,20–7,5 kW
  • maximum flow from 0,8 to 8,5 m3 /min
  • maximum vacuum from -50 to -450 mbar (rel)
  • maximum pressure from +60 to +570 mbar (rel)

Blowers accessories:

We offer complete accessories for RB blowers. We will reccomend you accessories for your application to be possible easily plug and run.

We usually supply: inlet filters, relief valves for pressure/vacuum applications, elbows, endings.

Download more in PDF - page no. 1

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RB 30, 40, 50, 60, 80

Size calculator

Please input desired hydraulic flow and suspended solids content. Our calculator will suggest you optimum size of machine...

  • WT primary sludge - raw sludge from activation (ČOV – surový kal z aktivace): 0,5–1%
  • WWT secondary sludge - after final settling tank (ČOV – stabilizovaný, zahuštěný kal): 1,5–4 %
  • Sludge from DAF (Kal z flotace): 2–4 %
  • Biogas station sludges (Kaly z produkce bioplynu): 4–6 %
  • Grease traps, oil separation (Lapáky tuku, olejové aplikace): 4-6%
Material flow: 0 kg/h

Capacity of MP-DW  - dry material flow per hour :

  • MP-DW-131: 10 kg/h
  • MP-DW-201: 30 kg/h
  • MP-DW-301: 60 kg/h
  • MP-DW-302: 120 kg/h
  • MP-DW-401: 140 kg/h
  • MP-DW-402: 280 kg/h
  • MP-DW-403: 420 kg/h

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