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  • MP-DW dewatering machines
    Dewatering screw press is innovative technology used for solid/liquid separation of municipal or industrial sludge waters.
  • Polymer preparation units
    Polymer stations are used for preparing polymer solution from neat polymer (liquid or powder form) and subsequent usage during sludge dewatering
  • Conveyors
    Belt or screw conveyors are used for transportation of separated solids (solid cake), produced by MP-DW dewatering machine, into sludge disposal containers
  • Blowers
    Blowers are typically used for aeration in waste-water systems or lagoons, vacuum manipulators or wellness spa resorts
  • Solenoid valves
    Solenoid valves are used for flow control of air, water and other liquids. Variable sizes and types available. 

Mivalt - dewatering machines, electromagnetical valves, blowers

We offer components for fluid flow/pressure control - solenoid valves, ball valves with electric actuators, manual armatures. We also provide pumps, blowers and aeration elements for wastewater systems, water purification systems or fish farms, as well as oilless air compressors and vacuum pumps.
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We manufacture equipment for sludge dewatering and handling. Primarily MP-DW series dewatering screw press and its accessories - conveyors, polymer preparation units. We also make equipment for mechanical pretreatment of raw wastewater and sludge thickeners.
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About us
MIVALT s.r.o. works closely with a number of domestic and foreign suppliers. Thanks to personal visits to supplier companies, constant production inspections, cooperation on innovations and deepening ties with suppliers, our company guarantees a favorable ratio of product quality and price and offers adaptability to meet the specific requirements of its customers. Of course, there is warranty and post-warranty service of goods and regular service of more complex equipment.
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